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MP says raising Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk creates conflicts

MP Nada Jawdat Shaker, representing al-Nasr Alliance, has criticized raising Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk, considering this an attempt for creating conflict.

“No authority from the north to south of Iraq has the right to raise flag on its buildings except the Iraqi flag, because we live in one country. We have the same rights and duties. They should unite with us in this phase,” she said. “Any political or national authority can raise its own flag, next to the Iraqi one, to be inside the offices not above the buildings, as the Kurds did in Kirkuk.”

She noted that raising the region’s flag above the headquarters of parties in Kirkuk is just an attempt to create new disputes in the province.

Meanwhile, Tareq Harb, the legal expert, said raising Kurdistan flag above the governmental buildings in Kirkuk is considered illegal and a constitutional violation as the province is not affiliated to the region, therefore no flags should be raised except the Iraqi one.

The Kurdistan flag was prevented by Iraqi government from being on the public buildings since the military incursion that took place on October, 2017.

Last Modified: Sunday، 13 January 2019 01:46 PM