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Abadi discusses political situation, security, services with Saairun, Nasr

Haider al-Abadi, head of Nasr (Victory) Alliance has tackled along with members of Saairun Alliance the security and political situations as well as the services and fighting corruption.

In a press release, Abadi’s office said he held a meeting with members of Saairun and Nasr, in attendance of Nassar al-Rubei’y, head of the political authority of Sadrist Movement.. The meeting tackled the political, economic and security situations, services, job opportunities and fighting corruption. They also discussed coordinating stances between the two alliances as well as other blocs to enact laws which serve the people.

The statement added that the members in the meeting discussed the political developments and proposed solutions for the issues the country has been through.

Abadi also highlighted importance of cooperation between the two alliances, especially when it comes to parliamentary actions, enacting laws and accomplishing the cabinet formation. He warned against the control of corrupt and armed groups on the government properties.

He urged necessity to form the parliamentary committee away from sectarian issues.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 09 January 2019 03:24 PM