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Law does not allow Eidani to hold 2 posts: Basra council member

Asaad al-Eidani

Amid controversy that Basra Governor Asaad al-Eidani managed to draw after not meeting the demands of angry protestors and even assaulting one, Eidani seems to be facing another legal challenge.

Basra Provincial Coucil member Jawad al-Imara said that Basra Governor Asaad al-Eidani, who is also a member in the parliament, cannot keep occupying his two official posts at the same time.

Imara said that the law does not back Eidani to stay in his two posts, adding that Basra Provincial Council will deal with the issue in accordance with the law. He also affirmed that the council does not hold any hatred against Eidani despite some of his remarks, which Imara said have hurt many feelings.

The council member pointed out that Eidani won the membership of the parliament through the votes of the people of Basra. However, he did not go to perform his role in the parliament.

Imara said that in case Eidani decided to resign from his post as a parliamentarian, Basra Council would seek to replace him. He said that the only solution left for the governor is to go to the parliament.


Replacing Eidani

A source in the provincial council of Basra said earlier that the National Wisdom Movement (Al-Hikma), headed by Ammar al-Hakim, will nominate former Minister of Youth and Sports Abdul Hussein Abtaan to the post of Basra governor to replace the controversial Eidani.

A delegation from Wisdom Movement, including Hamid Maala al-Saadi, Hisham Karawi and Abdul Hussein Abtaan, visited the province of Basra and met with a number of representatives of the parties in the province to persuade them to nominate Abtaan to the governor post, the source said.

Eidani, the incumbent governor, has earlier accused Abtaan of moving to overthrow him. He also affirmed sticking to his position and said he will not go to the parliament, according to media reports.

Basra protestors earlier demanded the removal of Eidani and the dissolution of the provincial council, according to Alam TV.


Assaulting protestors

Earlier in December, a video clip documented Eidani personally assaulting demonstrators. One of the elements protecting him was also seen pursuing one of the protestors.

Eidani was shown coming out of his car, which was surrounded by demonstrators wearing yellow vests, attempting to aggressively reach for one of them. The clip also showed one of the elements of Eidani's protection while pursuing one of the protestors following the incident.

For his part, a security source said that the security forces arrested a cameraman of a satellite channel after documenting the incident and confiscated his camera.

Last Modified: Monday، 24 December 2018 11:07 PM