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Report reveals Iran's human rights violations


A report on human rights in Iran highlighted a number of violations committed by the Iranian regime in many areas, thereby violating the rights of the Iranian people.

Iran Human Rights Monitor said on its website that the widespread human rights violations by the Iranian regime confirm that Tehran does not adhere to any of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was published in 1948.

People in Iran are deprived of their basic rights guaranteed by international charters, while the Iranian regime continues its gross violations of human rights, the report said.

The report pointed out that these violations target all segments of society, whether they are prisoners, activists, professors, students, journalists or politicians.

The organization, which monitors human rights in Iran, provided a number of figures on the record of violations of the Iranian regime in 2018, based on official sources or reliable non-governmental sources inside the country.

1. Freedom of expression: Iranian authorities "crushed" freedom of expression in the country by prohibiting the establishment of associations and the organization of demonstrations. They also imprison activists.

This year, at least 50 protesters were shot dead by the security forces, while the number of detainees during the January protests was at least 8,000.

2. Torture and ill-treatment: Torture, beatings and abuse during interrogations have become common practice in Iran.

At least seven people were tortured to death, while many others faced ill-treatment, such as prolonged solitary confinement, tying them to walls in cold or hot weather, beating them with cables, and sexually torturing them.

3. Severe penalties: A number of harsh penalties were issued in 2018, including hand-cutting and flogging.

This year, more than 110 people were sentenced to flogging, while at least one case of hand-cutting was reported.

4. Unfair Trials: Most Iranian courts fail to hold fair trials, and they allegedly extract confessions under torture and pressure.

A large number of prisoners were prevented from getting lawyers to defend them. According to the figures, the Iranian judiciary last June approved a list of 20 lawyers to represent people accused of national security crimes, although Tehran has more than 20,000 lawyers registered with Iran's Bar Association.

5. Death penalty: At least 285 people were executed between December 2017 and December 2018. Real numbers are likely to be much higher, as executions in Iran are often carried out secretly.

6. Freedom of Religion and Belief: The Iranian regime is one of the most prominent violators of minority rights, continuing its systematic attacks on Baha'is and Christians who have converted from Islam.

During the period of the study, some 72 Baha'is were arrested, 69 were denied education and 18 Baha'i-owned companies were closed. Meanwhile, Christians face false charges that sometimes reach more than 10 years in prison.

7. Prisons: Thousands of prisoners in various prisons in Iran face poor humanitarian and health conditions, such as beatings by security elements, violence among prisoners, overcrowding, lack of ventilation, and the spread of cockroaches and mice.

8. Discrimination against women: Women face discrimination and inequality on a number of issues, such as divorce, employment, inheritance, and criminal and family law.

The 2017 global report on the gender gap ranked Iran 140th out of 144 countries.

9. Human Trafficking: The 2018 Global Slavery Index shows that Iran annually comes among the first ten countries encompassing human trafficking activities, especially among children and women.

The US State Department has classified the Iranian regime since 2006 at the third level of countries involved in human trafficking.

10. Repression of Activists: The foundation has observed a wave of repression targeting human rights advocates, and women's and civil rights activists.

In 2018, at least seven human rights advocates, 150 student activists, 55 environmental activists and other civil society activists were arrested by the Iranian authorities.


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