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Police release journalists, media figures arrested in Basra Tuesday

Security forces released a number of journalists and media figures who were arrested on Tuesday amid protests in Basra province, a security source said.

On Tuesday, security forces arrested a number of journalists and demonstrators in the province of Basra. They also assaulted other journalists, including a reporter from Baghdad Today. The security forces attacked demonstrators and journalists with sticks, according to the source.

Activists and demonstrators from the province of Basra affirmed on Thursday that the beginning of December will witness the resumption of demonstrations and protests in the province, adding that the release of detainees will be added to the former demands.

Karim Abdullah, a member of the Basra protest coordinators, said that the demands of the demonstrators and the people of Basra have not been met since July. He added that water is still not safe to drink and numerous people are still left unemployed.

He added that the demonstrations will be resumed by the beginning of December, noting that the protests will call for the same demands and will also demand the release of detainees who were arrested during protests.

Basra witnessed large-scale protests that were launched on July 3, resulting in the death of dozens of protesters.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 04 December 2018 08:47 PM