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State of Law bloc demands PM to fight corrupt officials

Adil Abdel-Mahdi
Prime Minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi

Alia Nassif, an MP from the State of the Law bloc, stressed on Saturday that Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi is required to fight corruption among public officials.

“The corruption of some officials has become obvious without any fear or shame,” Nassif said.

She further added that a state inspector is currently staying with the owner of the United Regional Company for Catering in Turkey to sign a contract with one of the corruption authorities.

Al-Nahj al-Watani parliamentary bloc, formed last October, said on Friday that it will sue Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi for committing several violations.

Abdul Mahdi has committed many clear violations during the formation of his incomplete government, including his lack of commitment to verify the availability of constitutional and legal conditions in the candidates of his ministries," said MP Hussein al-Oqabi.

Oqabi also accused Abdul Mahdi of hiding information about some ministers who are not "trustworthy," adding that such information obliges him to dismiss them right away.

"In respect to these violations, we decided to file a lawsuit against the prime minister regarding covering up ministers who are not qualified and do not meet constitutional and legal conditions," Oqabi stated.

Last Modified: Saturday، 01 December 2018 01:37 PM