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Horror of ISIS revealed as Iraq, Syria reclaim occupied lands

Its vaunted “caliphate” is in shambles, but the brutal legacy of ISIS is only now coming into clearer focus as rebuilding efforts across Iraq and Syria uncover hundreds of mass graves and fully pull back the curtain on four years of death, destruction and unspeakable atrocities by ISIS group.

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq revealed this month that it has uncovered evidence of more than 200 mass graves containing as many as 12,000 victims in northern and western Iraq, though Iraqi officials say the number could be even higher. The existence of the gruesome sites could only recently be confirmed, as a U.S.-led military coalition pushes the terrorist group — also known as ISIS — out of the territory it once claimed.

U.N. observers and regional specialists also are urging a seemingly reluctant Iraqi government to commit to exhuming all of the mass graves, identifying the dead as best they can, and documenting in detail the carnage that took place.

At the same time, areas across Iraq and Syria ravaged by years of fighting are now discovering that crucial infrastructure such as hospitals and water supplies have been badly damaged. The U.N. and other international groups are trying to rebuild that infrastructure as civilians displaced by war, or who fled to escape the ISIS violent reign, return home.

But it’s the human death toll, specialists say, that will define ISIS in history books.

Mass killings of women, children, Christians, Shia Muslims, Yazidis and other groups in areas ruled for years by ISIS
Last Modified: Wednesday، 21 November 2018 12:28 PM