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Iran's security services: Khamenei's tools to suppress


Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei surrounds himself with security and military services, which seem to be institutional but focus on securing Khamenei and his policies.

This system is headed by the Supreme National Security Council, which includes representatives of all security services. It plays a coordinating role in order to suppress popular movements and protests in Tehran.

Thar Allah

The Council requested permission from Khamenei to grant the power of military ruler to a security agency called Thar Allah (Revenge of Allah), located south of the capital.

Thar Allah is under the command of the Revolutionary Guards commander and Brigadier General Ismael Kuthari, a former MP and one of the senior leaders responsible for suppressing the 2009 protests.

Imam Ali Brigades

Khamenei's security services also include the Imam Ali Brigades, which are new brigades formed to counter potential mass demonstrations in popular areas. They include trained volunteers equipped with riot control equipment.

In the same context, the four brigades of the national police force (Naga) control 23 districts in the capital Tehran. Each district has 11 Basij resistance centers, each with 12 security points spread throughout mosques, ministries, schools and other vital sites.

Ashura and Zahra Battalions

The men's Ashura and the women's Zahra battalions carry out civil defense operations, internet services and other logistical tasks.

Revolutionary Guards

The IRGC carries out its tasks under the leadership of four main units, while it consists of two corps.

Its wide security and military network has been established across Iran and is driven only by obedience to Khamenei and imposing his absolute control over Tehran.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 14 November 2018 11:43 PM