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US to allow 8 states to buy Iranian oil following sanctions: Pompeo


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said The US will allow eight "jurisdictions" temporarily to continue purchasing Iranian oil after the reimposition of the US sanctions on Iran on November 5.

The second batch of the US sanctions since Trump abandoned the nuclear deal with Iran, aims to force Iran to curb its nuclear, missile and regional activities.

Pompeo did not name the eight countries. According to the US law, countries in similar cases can only allowed for 180 days at most.

 Pompeo said that the European Union will not receive a waiver.

Turkey, on the other hand, had been told it would receive a waiver, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez said. Countries including India, Iraq and South Korea were also on the list, said an anonymous source.

Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary said earlier that countries would have to decrease buying Iranian oil by over 20 percent in order to get waivers on sanctions.


Last Modified: Friday، 02 November 2018 10:34 PM