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US sanctions on Iran lifted under 2015 nuclear deal reimposed


The US President Donald Trump administration announced on Friday reimposing all sanctions on Iran it had lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal that was abandoned by Trump earlier.

The US sanctions on Iran will include sanctions on shipping, finance and energy.

The sanctions that is set to be put into effect on Monday is the second batch of the US sanctions since Trump announced abandoning the nuclear deal last May.

Moreover, Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary said earlier that countries would have to decrease buying Iranian oil by over 20 percent in order to get waivers on sanctions.

The US administration aims at reducing Iran's oil exports to zero.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said that US sanctions that are set to take place on November 4, will probably force people to face hard days, Reuters reported.

Rouhani promised that the regime would do its best and would "use all its power" to ease the suffering of Iranians. 


Last Modified: Friday، 02 November 2018 09:46 PM