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EU faces difficulties importing Iranian oil: observers

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Europe may not be able to purchase Iranian oil as it previously promised, observers have noted, adding that the EU is finding it difficult to save the mullah regime.


The EU had previously published a statement announcing its support for the continuation of the 2015 nuclear agreement as long as Tehran respects its obligations, as well as the establishment of an institution to allow them to continue the purchase of Iranian oil and other exports through a barter-type system of trading for goods rather than money.

However, sources in Europe have revealed that the EU could find it very difficult to establish an entity allowing it to circumvent US sanctions, as the Trump administration could modify the sanctions to include a ban on bartering with Iran as well.


Also, the recent Iranian-planned assassination plot in Denmark has brought calls for EU-wide sanctions against Iran.

Sanctions on oil

As the second round of US sanctions against Iran tackles the country's oil sector, the Europeans are setting up a workshop to create a previously announced entity that would allow Iran to resume selling oil despite the technical difficulty of the task, given that the EU buys 20 percent of Iran's oil production, informed sources said. They added that France, Germany and the UK are part of the project.

EU-wide sanctions

Danish authorities announced they had revealed a plot to assassinate an Iranian opposition figure in Denmark, Reuters reported, calling on European countries to join together in sanctioning Iran due to its terrorist activities.

Danish intelligence chief Finn Borch Andersen said that the leader of the Danish branch of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz had been the target of the plot.

Anderson said in a news conference that Denmark believes Iran's intelligence service had planned the attack, adding that such actions would never be accepted.

According to Swedish security, a Norwegian citizen who is believed to be in connection with the plot was arrested in Sweden earlier in October and was extradited to Denmark, Reuters reported. The citizen has an Iranian background.


Time is running out for the mullah regime, with the new set of US sanctions scheduled just days away. While the EU seeks to save Iran's regime, the ability to import oil will not be easy, especially with some European countries' calls for the EU to join the US in sanctioning Iran following the series of Iranian-backed terrorist plots throughout Europe.


Last Modified: Friday، 02 November 2018 10:39 AM