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Basra MPs suspend membership until ministerial demand met


A number of MPs from Basra announced on Thursday that they are suspending their membership in the parliament until their demand concerning appointing two ministers from the oil-rich province is met.

Basra MP Oday Awad expressed his discontent over the dissatisfying representation of Basra people in Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's government, saying that hopes of better representation were wrecked by the extent of negligence that Basra faced in the formation of the current government.

He condemned the negligence the province is facing, adding that Basra has been the main source of Iraq's economy and the main factor of the state's unity, besides being the birthplace of scientists, thinkers and innovators.


Basra MPs and residents had demanded their right to a certain amount of ministerial positions in Abdul Mahdi's cabinet, especially for the Ministry of Water Resources due to the government's failure to address the worsening state of Basra's contaminated waters, which have poisoned thousands in the province. Residents have threatened to renew protests against the federal government in Baghdad over the polluted waters, the lack of basic services, unemployment, and the lack of representation for the oil-rich region.

Last Modified: Thursday، 01 November 2018 09:39 PM