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Baghdad deploys two brigades to protect Iraqi-Syrian borders against ISIS


Baghdad has deployed reinforcements, consisting of two army brigades, to the city of Qa'im, northwest Baghdad near the Syrian border, "in anticipation of possible ISIS attacks across the border,” an Iraqi military source said Tuesday.

The procedure came a few days after ISIS militants seized control of new sites in the Syrian province of Deir el-Zor, near the border with Iraq.

The brigades have been deployed close to the Syrian border to repel any probable attacks by ISIS targeting the Iraqi border, the source said.

Last Friday, ISIS launched an attack on the Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir el-Zor. Consequently, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi ordered his country's troops on Sunday to completely secure the border with Syria.

The Iraqi-Syrian border has been a concern for Baghdad for years, as it had been used to smuggle al-Qaeda terrorists to Iraq in the past, and later the ISIS militants.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 31 October 2018 12:10 PM