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Looted Iranian citizens demonstrate against IRGC's Caspian Credit


Iranian citizens continue to protest against the looting carried out by financial institutions belonging to Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps and other repressive agencies, including the IRGC-backed Caspian Credit Institute.

A number of looted citizens staged a protest on Argentina Street in front of the Caspian Institute building in Tehran against the theft and looting of their funds by the IRGC's organization.

Demonstrators raised slogans against the Caspian Institute and the ruling Iranian regime as well, among which they said, "Caspian stole and the government supported."

The demonstrators, during their previous protests, asserted that Caspian has been bankrupt since last year, making them loot the funds of thousands of citizens. They also condemned the IRGC control over most of the financial deposits, asserting that the Revolutionary Guards committed embezzlement in government institutions.

According to activists, thousands of Iranian citizens had deposited their savings in Caspian, before the organization refused to pay their customers the interests for their deposits last year, in reference to the bankruptcy, and the spread of corruption in government institutions dominated by the IRGC control.

Protests have continued for many years. However, the owners of the organization and the Iranian government have not responded to the demands of citizens demanding sending them back their money.


Regime bans broadcasting protests

Iran's Supreme National Security Council issued a decree in November last year, banning state media from broadcasting the protests of the looted citizens.

"After a wave of protests was launched in Tehran and some other cities by money investors demanding financial institutions to give them their money back, the Supreme National Security Council decided to ban broadcasting [the protests]," an MP of Iran's Zanjan told ISNA.

The Zanjan's MP considered the regime's response as negligence of the citizens' rights.

Iranian opposition supports protesters

Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the Iranian opposition, sent a message calling on all citizens, especially courageous young people in different cities of the country, to show solidarity and support for looted citizens.

Rajavi said that the wealth of the Iranian people is completely depleted in the service of the fascist religious system, wars provocation, and terrorism activities abroad.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 30 October 2018 12:26 AM