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Basra MPs to suspend membership to raise pressure on Abdul Mahdi


Basra's MP Thawra Kadhim announced the intention of the 25 Basra Parliamentarians to suspend their own memberships in the Parliament, as a means to force Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to choose candidates from Basra in the new government.

Nasr Alliance's Kadhim said in a press statement that the Basra MPs are waiting to sign on a statement that was already written, and subsequently announce the suspension of their memberships.

Kadhim also revealed the intention of the Parliament members of Basra to hold meetings with new ministers of Oil and Transportation, to offer them a mechanism to work for the service of Basra. She added that in case the two officials refused to cooperate with the MPS s, the latter would completely reject the two ministers.

Last Modified: Sunday، 28 October 2018 09:48 PM