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US, Turkey to begin joint patrols in Syria to reduce violence - US general


Army Gen. Joseph Votel, head of U.S. Central Command said Sunday that the US troops in cooperation with Turkey's troops may begin conducting patrols after few days in Manbij, Fox News reported on Sunday.

Manbij is stable, said Votel, adding: "we want to double down and consolidate our gains."

Votel told reporters said that soldiers' training is expected to last "several more days," before they move to combined patrols.

US and Turkey have been conducting patrols along borders, as a way to reduce potential violence between the various groups.

"We've been through a very deliberate and mutually agreed upon training program," Votel stated. Votel said the platoons will include security persons. Although he did not provide further details about the platoons, U.S. platoons can often include a couple dozen soldiers.

The current Turkey's military trainers started in October, then all the troops were brought together for training to ensure they can all, work together. They are also trained to operate with the same military tactics, especially in case of an attack.

Manbij has been a major sticking point between US and Turkey. Ankara considers the U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish militia, and other groups including the People's Protection Units, a terror group.

In July, the Manbij Military Council, said the YPG units had completely withdrew. However, Turkey's Foreign Ministry insists that such remarks did not "reflect the truth." Ankara calls for the withdrawal of the US backed militia, which Turkey considers as terrorist, although it freed  Manbij from ISIS in 2016.

The Manbij patrols are part of the plan of the US and Turkey agreed on in June to reduce tension.


Last Modified: Monday، 22 October 2018 05:13 AM