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Yemeni forces liberate ares in Saada, eliminate nine Houthi militias


Yemeni National Army forces liberated new areas in al-Dhaher directorate, north-west of Saada province, after a large-scale military operation against the Iranian-backed Houthi militias.

Supported by the Arab Coalition, the Yemeni army managed to liberate other areas in the districts of Kitaf wa Al Boqe'e and Baqim.

Violent conflicts have been taking place in Saada since June 2004, killing and displacing thousand of people countrywide In. May 2008, it was estimated that there were 77,000 internally displaced persons in Saada as a result of the conflict.

Yemeni forces have managed to launch the attack, which killed more than nine Houthi militias, to liberate these areas after the rest of the pro-Iranian militias fled the scene.