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US State Dept: Iran spends over $16bn to support terrorism in region

Corruption in Iran spreads to a large extent

The US State Department revealed in a report that Iran has spent over $16 billion in just eight years to support terrorism in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo posted a link to the report on his official Twitter account, stating, “While the Iranian people struggle, Iran's outlaw regime has wasted over $16 billion since 2012 propping up Assad and proxies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.”


While the Iranian people struggle, #Iran’s outlaw regime has wasted over $16 billion since 2012 propping up Assad and supporting its other partners and proxies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

The report, prepared by the Iran Action Group at the State Department, confirmed that Iran’s regime, through its elite Quds Force, transferred these funds to the militias and terrorist groups fighting on its behalf in the countries of the region.

The report details the destructive behavior of the Iranian regime through its weapons program, funding and support of terrorism, circumventing maritime and security sanctions, human rights violations and environmental damage.

It also pointed to Iran’s continued harboring of al-Qaeda members, enabling the organization to transfer fighters and funds to Syria and areas in South Asia.

Yahya Rahim Safavi, senior military adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, said his country has been trying to compensate for these losses through oil, gas and phosphate revenues in Syria.