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Arab Parliament denounces Iran's interference in Yemen

Houthi commander, militiamen killed in Yemen’s Hodeidah
The Arab Parliament Wednesday denounced Iran's interference in Yemen through its support to the Houthis and constant threats to neighboring nations by continuously firing ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabia.

In a statement released on developments in Yemen at the end of the first meeting of the third session in the second parliamentary term, the Arab Parliament asserted the importance of reaching a peaceful solution to the Yemeni crisis based on the Gulf initiative, the national dialogue and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions particularly no. 2216.

The parliament reiterated that the Houthis everyday present a new evidence that they do not wish to join any serious efforts to settle the Yemeni crisis peacefully.

The parliament stressed support to Yemeni legitimacy and the role played by the Arab coalition to restore legitimacy and end the coup.

The parliament called on Arab institutions to shoulder their responsibility towards security and peace in Yemen.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 03 October 2018 07:25 PM