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Russian FM summons Israeli envoy after plane downed in Syria

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin
The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday summoned the Israeli ambassador
in Moscow following the downing of a Russian plane over Syria which the
Russian Defense Ministry has blamed on the Israeli air force.

"The Israeli ambassador has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry over
the situation," a representative of the ministry's press service

Russia's defense minister warned his Israeli counterpart that Moscow
could respond to the downing of a Russian plane over Syria, as he laid
"full" blame on Israel's air force.

"The full blame for the shot-down Russian plane and death of the crew is
on the Israeli side," Sergei Shoigu told Avigdor Lieberman in a phone
call, according to a ministry statement.

Russia has "repeatedly called on Israel to refrain from strikes on
Syrian territory which endanger the safety of Russian servicemen,"
Shoigu added.

"Actions by the Israeli military are not in the spirit of the
Russia-Israel partnership and we reserve the right to future response
measures," he said.

Russia has launched a search and rescue operation where the plane
crashed into the Mediterranean about 27 kilometers (17 miles) west of
the coastal town Baniyas in Latakia province.

Some remains of the crew members and plane debris have been picked up by the Russian navy, the ministry said.
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