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Greek anarchist group targets Iranian embassy in Athens

Paint on the Iranian embassy in Athens, Greece following attack on Monday 17 September 2018
Members of an anarchist group called “Rouvikonas” targeted the Iranian embassy in Athens on Monday morning by throwing red paint at the building's facade and smashing the windows of the guard’s booth and the waiting room.

The attack was carried out by 10 anarchists, armed with iron bars, in the Psychiko suburb in Athens. Nobody was reported injured in the attack.

The assailants drove up to the embassy on motorcycles and fled immediately after the attack.

Rouvikonas, meaning “Rubicon” in Greek, was responsible for similar assaults against state agencies, government buildings and foreign diplomatic missions, including the Israeli, Spanish and French embassies.

Moreover, the attack comes only two days after the Iranian diplomatic mission in Paris was attacked, reportedly by individuals affiliated to the Iraqi-based Komala terrorist group.

Spokesperson for the Rouvikonas said on Facebook that the attack “was in response to Iran’s recent missile attack on a terrorist gathering in the Iraqi region of Kurdistan.”