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IJS stages protest stance against water pollution crises in Basra

The Iraqi Syndicate of Journalists (IJS) staged a protest stance on Tuesday to prompt the government to meet the legitimate demands of Basra residents.
In a statement, the syndicate called on the local and central governments not to unleash

The union issued a statement calling on the local and central governments to make realistic promises and take urgent practical steps to alleviate the current crisis in Basra, which became in dire need for basic necessities of life due to the lack of services, notably a clean drinking water.

The statement stressed the need to allocate more funds to establish projects that contribute to ending the water pollution crisis in Basra.

The Syndicate, in its statement, also called on the UN-affiliated international organizations to effectively support these projects related to water treatment to avoid protect Basra residents, who are threatened with death due to the increase in water salinity and pollution.

The Basra directorate called on the Iraqi government to intervene to rescue the Basra 3.5 million population from being infected with lethal diseases.