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Iraqi government involved in smuggling Kirkuk's oil to Iran

oil tanker trucks

Iraqi government is involved in smuggling operations of Kirkuk province's oil to Iran, which have escalated recently, with the purpose of re-refining and sending it as oil derivatives, while their revenues go to unknown destinations.


In press statements, a local source in the province said the smuggling of Kirkuk oil reached its peak recently, adding that there is coordination and covert cooperation between the government and the Iraqi Kurdistan regional government to smuggle oil.


The source underlined that the road between Kirkuk and the Iraqi Kurdistan city of Sulaymaniyah is packed at night with oil tanker trucks of 36,000 liters loaded with oil from the fields of Kirkuk, as the trucks take the Shwan road and then head to Sulaymaniyah before arriving in Iran.


Iran re-refines the crude oil and turns it into oil derivatives, then sends them back to the Iraqi Kurdistan region where they are sold, however their revenues go to unknown destinations, the source underlined.


The source underscored that the checkpoints of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces are only a few meters away from the checkpoints of the joint forces in Kirkuk set on the roads on which the trucks pass through, but neither of the forces can prevent these tankers from passing.

Last Modified: Saturday، 28 July 2018 12:29 PM