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Human Rights Watch: Security forces, militias killed Iraqi protesters

International human rights reports exposed the security forces and militias targeting of Iraqi protesters, observers said.


There is no room for lies, as protesters were killed in cold blood by security forces and militias that used lethal force against them, according to the Human Rights Watch report on recent events in Iraq and the massive uprising against the corrupt Shiite regime there.


The Human Rights Watch said security forces had shot and beaten protesters in Basra province during massive protests this month.



It underlined in its report that the Iraqi Interior Ministry apparently ordered the use of lethal, excessive and largely unnecessary force against the protesters.


The report said three protesters were killed and 47 others injured, including two children who were shot and a child was hit by a rifle butt.


In addition to firing live ammunition, the security forces threw stones and beat 47 people, including 29 during or after arrest, while protesters threw stones and incendiary devices at the security forces.



According to medical sources, the toll of the victims of the protests that began in Basra two weeks ago and then included other southern cities, including the capital Baghdad, has reached 14 people who were killed by security forces during the dispersal of protests, while more than 600 others were injured.


Security forces and militias used live bullets, tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protests that called for enhanced basic services and job opportunities.


The protests condemned the spread of corruption and poor basic services, as well as the high unemployment rates.


In Basra, three people were killed and three others in the cities of Najaf and Samawah, while a protester was killed in the city of Diwaniyah and another in the city of Karbala, medical sources said.



Last Friday, thousands protested in several parts of Iraq, especially in Baghdad. Security forces used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the protesters who tried to enter the Green Zone where the government and parliament buildings are located.


Experts told The Baghdad Post that the Human Rights Watch's report confirms the involvement of security forces and militias in killing protesters and holds the government responsible for the bloodshed.


The killing of protesters by the security forces and militias is a heinous crime and they must be held accountable for that crime, the experts added.

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