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Iran cyber brigades block Baghdad Post FB page for exposing bloody massacres


Iraq's government, which is closely allied with the Mullah's regime in Iran, has blocked the Baghdad Post's Facebook page, a new crime to be added to the sectarian government's record of violations against Iraqis.
The blocking came after the Baghdad Post had revealed accurate and dangerous information supported by exclusive videos and images of the horrific crimes committed by the government and the Iranian militia against Iraqi protesters in southern provinces.

Thousands of Iraqis have taken to streets to peacefully demand their rights to new job opportunities and improved basic services. The demonstrations erupted last week in Basra. Then huge protests hit major cities including the capital Baghdad.     
The journalists at the Baghdad Post have produced reports and stories that revealed the size of Iranian intervention in Iraq, most notably the arson attacks by Iran-allied militias against oil.
Iranian militias have infiltrated Iraq to join Iraqi terrorists who sabotaged facilities, intimidated and even killed defenseless demonstrators. They also intimidated the foreign companies operating in Iraq.
This dangerous information revealed by the Baghdad Post to the world and humanitarian organizations has provoked the Iraqi government, which backs Iranian militias in its horrific crimes against demonstrators who represent the sufferings of Iraqis for 15 years.
The sectarian government in Iraq now resorts to media blackout to cover up its crimes that were considered war crimes by humanitarian organizations.
Despite all this terrorism, The Baghdad Post confirms it will never stop efforts to reveal the crimes of the sectarian Iraqi government and its Iranian militias, in addition to revealing the dirty and destructive Iranian role played by its allies in Iraq and the world.