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PUK: parliament hinders efforts to form govt.

PUK accuses Baghdad of hindering work of negotiating committees
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has accused the parliament of hindering efforts aimed to form the new Iraqi government.  
Farid Assrad, a leading figure within the PUK, said that the Iraqi parliament has become a clear impediment to the scenarios that could pave the way for forming the coming Iraqi government.
He accused 'parties who lost the elections, of hindering efforts of forming the next federal government.
But he said the federal court could find a solution to this problem, which could render the mission of forming the new government easier.
The PUK leader said the party approved in its last meeting a resolution regarding ways to deal with political forces in the post-election era.
This election has an appendix for the parties that desire to join it.
”Kurdish parties should partake in the political process as one team. This serves the interests of the Kurds," the Kurdish politician stated.