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Coalition: Battle for Hodeidah aims at ending weapons smuggling

Yemeni army controls Khokha city southern Hodeidah
Upon the request of the Yemeni legitimate government and in support of its armed forces, the Arab coalition launched a military and humanitarian operation to liberate the city of Hodeidah and its port west of the country, in order to secure the arrival of humanitarian aid without any obstacles in the liberated port to reach the Yemeni civilians, a report on Al-Arabiya has said. 
The operation also aims to secure the international naval passages in the frame work of the goals set by Operation “Restoring Hope” in line with the reasons that called for the military intervention by the coalition in Yemen, represented by the request of the Yemeni legitimate government and the United Nations resolutions for the year 2015, in particular Resolution 2216.
The liberation of Hodeidah port is considered a vital step to restore the peaceful operation back on track and get out of the stalemate encompassing the negotiating settlement due to the Houthi stubbornness.
The port is considered a vital passage for the Houthi militias to smuggle Iranian weapons to Yemen, as well as their seizure- as a movement and as individuals- of the port revenues, which reflected negatively on dragging the conflict on with the Iranian regime support and supplying the militias with heavy weapons especially ballistic missiles and consequently led to their repeated rejection of all political initiatives and solutions put forward by various international and regional parties to reach a political solution that would satisfy the various parties and in accordance with international resolutions and the outcomes of the national dialogue and the Gulf initiative.