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Quds Day rallies: Pro-Iran terrorists descending on Europe


Iranian militias and their backers are going to stage demonstrations on Sunday. They claim they are holding these rallies in support of al-Quds. The Iranian militias, on top of them Hezbollah, always took this issue as Torjan Horse to earn support within the Arab and Islamic world. But realities on the ground are completely different.

In the rallies, the pro-Iran militias have only one aim: showing off. Flags of terror group Hezbollah sprang up in London.
This pushed Sadiq Khan to write to Sajid Javid, the new Home Secretary, asking him to ban Hezbollah in order to prevent displays of the group’s flag on London’s streets.
The Mayor of London said it was “astonishing” that the law continues to allow public displays of support for the organization.

“What is astonishing is there are people using a loophole in the law to fly a flag of an organization that’s been proscribed – banned.
Photos, videos and reports show the militias, highly indoctrinated against the western nations and Israel, are taking these events as a pretext for more malicious and destabilizing activities. 
Commentators said the militia of Hezbollah is overcharging its supporters to launch tirades against the West. They say the group's illicit activities help it spend on such displays. 
Two-faced propaganda

They said the Iranian regime always claim it is helping the Palestinian cause, paying no heed to the thousands of displaced persons killed in Yarmouk camp. 
These activities are held in the name of Palestine. They are promoted in the pro-Iranian media as a means to help the oppressed.
But on the ground, things seem to far uglier than this charade. 
"Each one is paid $ 100 to partake in these rallies and $ 200 to trample on British, American and Israeli flags," sources told The Baghdad Post, citing photos on social media.
Massive funding
This lavish spending on the protests and the money paid for the participants in the rallies raised many questions, whose answers are already known, about the sources from which these suspicious activities are being funded.
According to reports, the terror group Hezbollah is making a lot of money. This money has a lot of sources. 

The terror group Hezbollah is funded by Iran, as its chief Hassan Nasrallah said plainly in a televised address. 
"As long as Iran has money, we will have money," Nasrallah stated in a viral video.
"All of Hezbollah expenses, wages, food, drinks, weapons and rockets are funded by Iran."
Drugs and Khums
The group, founded in the 1980s, on Shiite ideological grounds, is said to be heavily relying on the Shiite religious institutions when it comes to funding.
Khums, means one-fifth in Arabic, is the money paid by the ordinary Shiites to clerics and seminaries as part of the Shiite doctrine. 
The money are collected from the Shiite world and transferred to Europe in the form of offshore firms. 
Therefore, experts say the financial activities of the group are illegal, indirect and are carried out on the quiet.
According to documents, cited by those experts, including the Panama papers, the terror group is reaping billions of dollars through ventures depending on tax havens. 
As to Panama papers, the files expose “at least 33 people and companies blacklisted by the US government because of evidence that they’d been involved in wrongdoing, such as doing business with terrorist organizations like Hezbollah or rogue nations like North Korea and Iran.”

Mossack Fonseca found out that it was working on behalf of the Iranian firm Petropars after the oil company was designated in June 2010 by the U.S. Treasury Department for its support of Iran’s missile and nuclear programs. Mossack Fonseca, which assigned Petropars an address in the British Virgin Islands, received a complaint from another client that was given the same address and was mistaken for a sanctioned company after and the U.S. designation was made.
Petropars, which has an office in London is controlled by Iran, was essential in obtaining foreign investments for developing the South Pars natural gas field in the Persian Gulf.
The firm still maintained ties with other businesses backed by the Iranian regime, however. Through its London franchise, Mossack Fonseca maintained its business with an Iranian outfit called Petrocom, which had a Tehran address and shared Petorpars’ London accountant.
The Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Petrocom’s parent company OIIC, which was described as part of a “network of front companies controlled by Iran’s leadership,” in June 2013. The purpose of these 37 front companies, according to Treasury, “is to generate and control massive, off-the-books investments, shielded from the view of the Iranian people and international regulators.” The front companies were controlled by a holding company called Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order.
Hezbollah exploded into a major cocaine trafficker for the United States over the past decade—and it happened under former President Barack Obama's watch to help score a nuclear deal with Iran, a report revealed Monday.

Project Cassandra, a campaign launched by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2008, found that the Iran-backed military and political organization collected $1 billion a year from money laundering, criminal activities, and drug and weapons trade, according to Politico. Over the following eight years, the agency found that Hezbollah was involved in cocaine shipments from Latin America to West Africa, as well as through Venezuela and Mexico to the United States.
The Obama administration halted Project Cassandra as it was approaching the upper echelons of Hezbollah’s conspiracy in order to seal a nuclear deal with Iran, even though Hezbollah was still funneling cocaine into America.

Officials at the U.S. Justice and Treasury departments delayed the project’s requests to conduct relevant investigations, prosecutions and arrests. Obama eventually helped strike the Iran deal with several other nations in 2015.
Also, the terror group has massive illegal activities in Latin America. Drug running is the main mission of the 'resistance group'.
A report published in late 2017 said a South American man with ties to a Middle Eastern terrorist group was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison in Miami federal court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to conspiring to export cocaine to the United States.
Ali Issa Chamas, a Paraguayan of Lebanese descent who is close to a network of relatives linked to Hezbollah, admitted he tried to send a “test” load of three kilos of cocaine to a dealer in Houston as he expanded his drug-trafficking business beyond Europe and the Middle East. In his guilty plea in September, he admitted receiving $5,000 from the Houston contact, “Kuku,” for the planned drug deal last year.

U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams considered a sentencing range of three to four years on Chamas’ distribution conspiracy offense before deciding on his punishment. Although he was not charged with providing support to the U.S.-designated terrorist group, prosecutors argued that the judge should consider his admissions that he distributed cocaine to help finance Hezbollah.
Citing these reports and revelations, observers decried the movements and plans of the pro-Iran lobbies.
"It is not a rally to support Quds. It is a malicious attempt to insult Europe and Britain and spread terror there."
They cited the massive money possessed by Hezbollah from drug running and offshore business.
"Drug runners will never defend Quds."

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