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Saairun’s victory is a golden opportunity for Iraq: Iranian Sunni cleric

Abdulhamid Ismail Zahi

Spiritual leader for Iran’s Sunni minority, Abdulhamid Ismail Zahi said on Sunday that the victory of Saairun Alliance in the Iraqi parliamentary elections is a golden opportunity for Iraq.

Zahi pointed out that rise of extremist and violent groups in the country is due to the Iraqi governments’ wrong policies, adding that those governments marginalized Iraqi people and deprived them from their legitimate rights.

The Iranian Sunni leader called for the establishment of a comprehensive government that includes all sects and religions in Iraq, especially the Sunnis, in order to represent the Iraqi people.

Zahi stressed that the unity of the Iraqi people and the security of the country will not be achieved through military actions but by good policies, adding that executing justice will lead Iraq into a bright future.

On May 12, Iraqi people made their way to the poll stations to cast their ballots in the country's first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS terrorist group in December 2017.

Saairun Alliance, which is led by Sadrist Movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr, won the most number of seats in the upcoming parliament.