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Iraqi politicians vie for PM post as election approaches

Elections might not be internationally recognized- MP

Iraqi political forces are vying to get the biggest portion of seats in the coming parliamentary election. To achieve this end, the political forces started consultations to form alliances.

The major political forces are setting their heart on the top posts, including the prime minister.


The Iraqi politicians are awaiting the elections, scheduled for May 12th, to be held to contest for the three sovereign posts; the prime minister, president and parliament speaker.


Political bargains are a commonplace these days to win posts, since the politicians are working for their own interests, paying no heed to the interests of the people.


Also, the Kurdish parties are multi-party talks to make gains in the coming legislative elections.


According to sources, these talks are held with Victory Coalition headed by premier Haider al Abadi and State of the Law Coalition chaired by the nutritious politician Nouri al-Maliki.


They said the Kurds are now fighting for the chairmanship of parliament instead of the presidency. They consider the presidency to be a ceremonial post with no genuine powers.


Kurdish position


"The Kurds believe they have the right to hold the posts of foreign minister along with the presidency. They lost the foreign ministry post. And they have now the presidency only," the sources noted.



The sources yet revealed that the ongoing talks focus on granting the presidency to the Sunnis, while the Kurdish are pushing for the chairmanship of the parliament.


For the Sunnis, they refuse to cede the chairmanship of the parliament. To them, it is an indispensable gain.


The sources explained that there is no direct dialog between the Sunnis and Kurds in this respect. But there are talks between these political forces and Abadi, who seeks to bring them closer to his alliance.


Experts say the Kurds seek to reduce their losses in the coming elections as they lost the disputed areas they once took control of.


The head of Kurdish Presidency Diwan Fuad Hussein said the Kurds will get 10 seats in the coming elections in the disputed areas.



He added:"The Kurds will win tens of seats in other areas. And this will help them stay an influential party in the political process in the federal Iraq."


Hussein also said the Kurds will play a pivotal role in the parliament even if they get only 50 seats.


He asserted Dawah Party is still clinging to the premiership. But the head of Fateh Coalition Hadi al-Ameri is setting his heart on the post, which recedes the possibility of forging an alliance among the Shia Coalitions led by Maliki, Abadi and Ameri.


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