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Iraq's Abadi gov't hinders foreign journalists visits to Kurdistan

Haider Abadi's government is tightening the noose around foreign journalists


The Haider Abadi's government is further tightening the noose around foreign journalists who seek to tackle issues related to the Kurdistan Region, The Baghdad Post cited Metro Center for Journalists Rights Thursday. 


A statement from Metro has condemned the Baghdad government's practices since the imposing of a ban on international flights to and from the region in late September.


The statement confirmed the Iraqi embassies had asked foreign journalists to reveal their ideas in advance before issuing visas to them.


Visas will not be issued in case their articles are linked with the Kurdistan Region, the statement read.


Besides obstacles on the visa issuance by Baghdad, foreign journalists are often obliged to get residency card for 15 days to enter the region, Metro added.


Some journalists who criticized the Iraqi government were forced to leave Iraq before publishing their reports, it added. 

Last Modified: Thursday، 15 March 2018 11:28 AM