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Syria's Assad testing Trump's chemical red lines, says analyst

Eastern Ghouta attacks

US prominent journalist and national security analyst, Eli Lake said the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's attacks against Eastern Ghouta were a test of US President Donald Trump's chemical red lines.


Lake added in a tweet that the people of Eastern Ghouta cynically hope Assad will strike them with sarin gas as happened with Khan Shykhoun village, Idlib Governorate in April 2017. 


In the wake of the attack, US intervened forcefully to strike Assad's air force. The 59 US cruise missiles destroyed an air base and killed military personnel. 


"I suspect the people in Eastern Ghouta are saying please Mr. Assad attack us with sarin, because if you do, the world will come for war assistance," Lake said. 


Several people suffered symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine gas in Syria's rebel-held eastern Ghouta on Sunday and one child was killed, local health authorities told NBC news. 


Lake concluded that Assad was weaponizing the use of Chlorine gas which is a "powerful instrument of terror".