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What About Iran?

February 14th 2011 marked the anniversary of the Iranian protest known as the “Day of Rage,” which began on that day and continued in a series of protests through 2012, following the 2009 – 2010 Iranian elections. The protest that took place throughout the country for at least a year.

More than 15 years ago, President George W. Bush coined the phrase “Axis of Evil,” referring to Iran’s nefarious regime. Since the fall of the Shah in 1978, nothing has changed, the ever-present Axis of Evil has grown through foreign governments’ need for cheaper oil. Iran has a large oil reserve and sells to several of our allies, including China (Frienemy), India, South Korea, and Japan. This has allowed the Iranian Regime to gain riches, not for their people, but to garner power through the region in proxy wars supporting terrorism.

In 2009, the Obama Administration argued for sanctions, making a case as a ‘temporary sacrifice,’ to force Iran to negotiate the fate of its nuclear program, “it was a key selling point that we didn’t want this to be forever. That one day we wanted to get rid of these sanctions,” said Richard Nephew, lead sanctions expert for the State Department, on negotiating the Iran Nuclear Deal. We know today it was a failed plan. Obama’s global world view was to rid nuclear weapons by pandering to rouge and nefarious regimes. President Bill Clinton did the same thing by paying North Korea for peace. We have witnessed how these ‘pandering policies to appease’ don’t work, instead, they give more freedom and funds for these regimes to carry out their atrocities.

Obama’s Iran Deal in 2015, that was done without the knowledge of the American people, placed Billions of dollars into the hands of Ali Khomeini, the supreme leader of the oppressive Theocratical regime. This was Obama’s idea of appeasement that lead to upheaval in the Middle East, which took place after Obama’s failed Arab Spring in 2010. Even at that time, the citizens in Iran were begging Obama to launch an Arab Spring in Iran with chants of “Obama, are you with them or us?” Obama fell silent!

Today, we are witnessing the brave citizens of Iran risk all for a better future, minus the Axis of Evil of the Khomeini Regime and the Revolutionary Guard, the self-nominated Gestapo of Iran. Iran once experienced more liberty under the Shah, even though the Shah did terrible things, he pretty much left the citizens alone. Tehran was once considered the “Paris of the Middle East,” but today the people can’t get jobs, food prices are astronomically high, protestors are arrested and often tortured. This is what happens when liberties are lost, and Freedom of Speech is squelched.

Even here in the West, editors (not working for the Post,) are feeling pressure to not publish so-called ‘controversial’ pieces, bringing light to the horror of the oppressive regime. Today, I wrote to Forbes magazine, for removing from their website an article calling out the Iranian Government’s treatment of the protesters. The globalists pander to these extremists; whether it be the Jihadis, rogue regimes, intolerant migrants or SJW groups that might get their feelings hurt, when will the West stand up and say “enough?” I guess we are back to the mentality of 1939, “see something, say nothing.” To end the regime’s reign of terror would undoubtedly bring peace and stability to the region, it would end the of funding of proxy wars by the Axis of Evil. This means the West needs to take a stand, stop sending our young men and women into wars that aren’t fought with a full commitment, it appears under President Trump that time is coming. #FreeIran

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

–President Ronald Reagan

This article was originally published by The Cplumbian Post.