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Yemeni forces, Saudi-led coalition liberate Saada's Mount Dharawiya

Yemeni forces

The Yemeni forces backed by the Saudi-led Coalition liberated Mount Dharawiya after military confrontations on the northern front of Saada Governorate, Arabiya News reported.

Military sources confirmed to Al Arabiya that operations retrieved strategic mountains and plateaus under the Directorate of Baqm, including mount Dharawiya.

Al-Arabiya correspondent in Yemen reported the killing of 30 members of al-Houthi militia in clashes with the national army in Saada, which lasted for two days.

It started with several operations followed by a major military plan which resulted in the destruction of Houthi military vehicles north of Saada.

Yemen’s National Army has made great progress over the past days on Saada front.

A Yemeni military official confirmed on Tuesday that the Houthi militias were threatened in their stronghold of Saada province in the north of the country, with the advance of the national army and popular resistance supported by the Arab coalition.

Lieutenant General Muhammad al-Maqdashi, advisor of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces said: "The Houthi gangs are threatened in their home in Saada province with the advance of the national army and the popular resistance deeper in Saada and towards the area of Burt in Al-Jouf province, and close towards Harf Sufyan in Amran governorate."