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Saudi amb. says Riyadh eager to see strong Yemen

Saudi amb. says Riyadh eager to see strong Yemen
Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Al-Jaber has confirmed that Saudi Arabia is keen to support Yemen against Iran's scheme, besides supporting Yemen's national economy, Saba News Agency reported Saturday.
In a statement, Al-Jaber said Saudi Arabia would like to see a strong Yemen in which security and prosperity are prevailing. Meanwhile, Houthis and Iran want Yemen to be weak where chaos, poverty and insecurity are overwhelming. 

He noted that Saudi's deposit of $2 billion in the Central Bank of Yemen comes within the Kingdom's supportive policy toward the Yemeni people and their resources. 

The ambassador explained that coordination is underway with the Yemeni government to start implementing humanitarian missions, as well as conducting studies on the urgent needs of the country's seaports and highways and preparing for launching an overall humanitarian campaign within days. 

He expected remarkable improvement in the economic situation and imports compared with last year.

Al-Jaber also has made clear that the embassy of Saudi Arabia in the interim capital Aden operates normally and it has granted 20,000 work visas for Yemeni nationals in Saudi Arabia.