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Arab coalition jets shell Houthi posts in Yemen's Saada

Saudi-led Arab coalition jets heavily hit Houthi terrorists in Sana'a
The Arab coalition warplanes shelled several positions and gatherings of Houthi militants in Sahar directorate of Saada province, Yemeni sources said on Saturday. 

The Arab coalition jets also bombed other Houthi posts in Razeh and Kitaf directorates of Saada province in addition to an arms depot in Serwah directorate, located between Sanaa and Marib provinces.

Commander of 1st brigade of Yemeni Border Guards, Haikal Hantaf said on Friday that the Yemeni army is advancing and about to enter Saada province, the main Houthi stronghold.
Last Modified: Saturday، 06 January 2018 11:11 PM