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Iranian regime bring Syrian, Iraqi Shia militias to suppress protests

Iranian regime bring Shiite militias from Iraq, Syria to suppress protests
Iranian authorities have brought terrorists from the Iraqi Shiite militias (IMIS) into Iran to use them to suppress the anti-regime protests in Tehran, sources revealed on Thursday.

IMIS elements were deployed in the province of Ahwaz and other provinces of Iran, which is witnessing sweeping protests against Iranian mullah's regime and it leader Khamenei.

This comes amid reports that Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has brought thousands of Afghan mercenaries from fighting in Syria into Iran and transported them to the city of Khomeini Shahr in Isfahan province to participate in the suppression of protests.

Protests have continued in dozens of Iranian cities amid fierce clashes.

A demonstrator was shot dead by security forces in the city of Masjid Sulaiman, north of Ahwaz, bringing the total number of people killed in the uprising to 23 since Thursday.
Last Modified: Thursday، 04 January 2018 06:36 PM