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Sistani disbands IMIS, prohibits its use in politics

IMIS terrorists

Iraqi Shia cleric Ali Sistani’s new fatwa will include a clear and explicit provision on not exploiting the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS)’ to achieve political and electoral gains or to interfere in neighboring countries’ internal affairs, well-informed sources told The Baghdad Post Sunday.

This comes after it was reported on Saturday that Sistani is due to issue a fatwa ordering the dissolution of IMIS after the declaration of the final victory over ISIS.

PM Haider Abadi declared in a speech Saturday that the last stronghold of ISIS on the border with Syria had been recaptured.  

The sources said that the new fatwa of disbanding IMIS would include a provision on immediately providing reparation to the families of IMIS terrorists who have been killed while fighting ISIS. 

The fatwa will also include a provision concerning providing IMIS terrorists, who have been disabled during the war on ISIS, with life insurance policies, they noted.

If corrupt political parties issued a blackout on coverage of the content of the prominent Shia cleric’s new fatwa, Sistani’s media office will publish it in other media outlets which will prove the authenticity of Sistani’s signature on the fatwa of dismantling IMIS. 

Sistani’s new fatwa comes amid a mounting international pressure to disband the Iran-backed Shia militias.

IMIS were founded in 2014 under a fatwa issued by Sistani to combat ISIS. But, the militias have committed atrocities against civilians, particularly Sunnis. 

Last Modified: Sunday، 10 December 2017 10:44 AM