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Sana'a rids itself off Houthi terrorism, revolts against Mullah

Sana'a rids itself off Houthi terrorism, revolt against Mullah

In the final act of the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists in Yemen, forces affiliated with Yemen’s General People’s Congress (GPC) have gained "complete control" of the Sana'a Airport from the Houthi militia.

Saleh's forces also reclaimed Sabaa Media Agency, Yemen's central bank and many Embassy buildings, most prominent of them were the Saudi, UAE and the Sudanese embassies, along with the Defense Ministry building.

This comes as fierce clashes took place between the Iran-backed Militia and the forces loyal to deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Yemeni GPC called on armed forces and government employees to disobey Houthi orders.

The conflict has also directly affected the capital where traffic flow has come to a complete halt amid safety concerns.

Following Saleh's campaign, Houthi militias are said to have withdrawn their positions in Sanaa, leaving dead bodies of their supporters in streets.


Yemen revolts against Mullah's regime


Yemen’s General People’s Congress (GPC) are holding Houthis responsible for "igniting war," a statement from the party founded by ousted Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said.

Saleh also slammed the Houthi terrorists in a TV show amid fierce battles between Saleh loyalists and the Iran-backed militia in the capital Sana'a.

Saleh called for a joint ceasefire to be agreed on by his loyalists and the Houthi terrorists after clashes entered their fourth day and have resulted in the deaths of at least 80 people.
"The people have revolted against Houthi aggression," he said.

Saleh urged an end to "militia rule on Yemeni land," adding that Houthis had continued their "provocative acts against Yemeni citizens."

He also demanded that armed Yemeni forces refrain from taking any orders from the Houthi militia, and called for "opening a new page with neighboring countries."

GPC also accused the Houthis of failing to honor the cease-fire and said in a statement on its website that the Houthis bear responsibility for dragging the country into a civil war.

It also called on supporters, including tribal fighters, to "defend themselves, their country, their revolution and their republic."

The fighting began on Wednesday when Saleh's GPC party accused the Houthis of breaking into the city's main mosque complex and firing RPGs and grenades.

Sana'a returns to Arab fold

The Saudi-led coalition welcomed Saleh’s change of stance.

In a statement carried by the Saudi-owned Al-Hadath channel, the coalition said it was “confident of the will of the leaders and sons” of Saleh’s General People’s Congress (GPC) party to return to Arab fold.

Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Yemen Mohammad Al Jabir welcomed on Saturday the revolt of thousands of Yemenis in Sana'a against The Iranian-backed Houthi militias.

In a tweet, Al Jabir said that Sana'a is revolting against the Iranian Houthi militias, adding that Sana'a is Arabian.


صنعاء تنتفض ضد ميليشيات ايران الحوثية ..... الإيمان يمان والحكمة يمانية .... وصنعاء عربية .

Sanaa has been under Houthi militia control since 2015, in a move described as a coup by the legitimate Yemeni government backed by Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Arab countries. 

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