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Iranian opposition forms new coalition to overthrow Mullah's regime

The first conference of the Iranian Democrats Council

Iranian opposition parties and organizations abroad announced a new coalition called the “Iranian Democrats Council” aimed at “overthrowing the rule of the the Mullah's regime and its Guardian Jurist and establishing a pluralistic federal democratic regime with its neighbors and the world,” Al Arabiya reported Saturday.

“The structure of the theocratic regime in Tehran cannot be reformed after four decades of authoritarian and sectarian rule based on discrimination, repression against peoples and international risks,” the new coalition’s founding statement read.

The statement stressed that “the only way out of the current crisis is to overthrow the Iranian regime, which will take place through the understanding and the unifying of the Democratic and liberal forces without specifying the organizational and individual positions taking into consideration the historical and the contemporary facts of the Iranian society”.

The Iranian Democrats Council called for the unification of all streams of democratic and liberal opposition along with the nationalist parties to form a front to overthrow the religious and national ruling regime in Iran.

The council declared its “full support for the actions of peoples, nationalities, women, workers’ movements, peasants, teachers, students, environmentalists, children’s rights organizations, organizations defending the rights of political prisoners, calling for the abolition of the death penalty, freedom of political and civil organizations and trade unions all over the country.”

The council also stressed the overthrow of the Iranian regime by confronting it peacefully to establish a democratic and federal regime and to divide the political powers and economic resources among the various peoples in Iran.

Last Modified: Sunday، 19 November 2017 01:05 PM