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Houthi-Saleh militias abduct 20 children in Yemen’s Shabwa

Yemeni children

The number children abducted by the Houthi-Saleh militias in Bayhan district in Shabwa province in Yemen have risen to 20, SABA quoted local sources as saying on Wednesday. 

The relatives of the abducted children called on the humanitarian organizations to intervene to secure the children's release. 

They said that the militias taken the children to solitary and private confinements in Dhamar and subject them to torture.

War against Iran-backed Houthis and hunger and are combining to create the largest humanitarian crisis in the world with children the most affected. 

Houthis have committed heinous crimes against children in Yemen, including kidnapping, torturing and killing. 

In addition, the UN warned in July that children are bearing the brunt of the conflict in Yemen, with 80% in desperate need of aid and 2 million suffering from acute malnutrition.

Last Modified: Thursday، 09 November 2017 12:53 PM