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Pavel Talabani, Lahor Jinki's scheme to topple Barzani exposed

Pavel Talabani, Lahor Jinki's scheme to topple Barzani exposed

After the Kurdish people were outraged from Pavel Talabani – son of the deceased president Jalal Talabani – and Lahor Sheikh Jinki's treason against Kurdistan, they once again conspire to plunge Erbil into more chaos.

Earlier in October, Pavel Talabani made a deal with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force leader Qasem Soleimani, so he can be appointed as Kirkuk's governor, following this deal his Peshmerga forces were withdrawn from Kirkuk governorate paving the way for the Iraqi forces to deploy and take over the governorate.

Following this event, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) expelled Pavel Talabani and Lahor Jinki from the party for their shady and irresponsible behavior.


Lahor, Pavel conspire once again

Well-informed sources told The Baghdad Post that after their expulsion from their posts in the PUK, Lahor Sheikh Jinki, Pavel Talabani and their henchmen are trying to sway PUK members, especially Kosart Rasul's wing to switch sides in the next internal PUK elections, so they can have a majority in the party's political office.

Lahor and Pavel's actions didn't stop at gaining more influence in the PUK, but also by spreading propaganda and false information against the Kurdistan Government President Masoud Barzani and Kosart Rasul.


This comes as they accused Kosrat Rasul of being influenced by Barzani's ideas, Jinki on the other hand said that Barzani should apologize for the Kurdish people for carrying out the independence referendum – which 93% of the Kurdish people supported – noting that the leadership must be held accountable for their actions, while calling for their deposal. He also asserted that Peshmerga will not defend the referendum or Barzani, stressing that the Kurdish fate mustn't be in Barzani's Kurdistan Democratic party's hands.

Experts told The Baghdad Post that, as long as Pavel Talabani, Hero Ibrahim – widow of the deceased president Jalal Talabani – and Lahor Sheikh Jinkia are still on the top of the Kurdish political scene, while allowing the influence of the Iranian Mullah's regime represented by Qasem Soleimani, then the Kurdish movement will be crushed.



They added that this will eventually lead to a new Kurdish civil war, unless the Kurdish people and the PUK take action and oust all of these figures, unite together and trust their leadership that is represented by Masoud Barzani.

Last Modified: Saturday، 28 October 2017 07:32 PM