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Kurdish media shall not fall victim to Baghdad-Erbil crisis – Groups

A file photo of an Iraqi journalist

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory, an Iraqi press freedom organization run by local journalists, and Metro Center for Defending Journalists’ Rights expressed on Friday their concern that the media in Kurdistan Region will fall victim to the mounting political crisis between Baghdad and Erbil. 
The observatory and the center have warned of making satellite TV channels, news agencies and journalists a party in the current crisis. 
Journalists shall not pay the price of Baghdad-Erbil crisis and the decisions taken against the media, Rahman Gharib, head of Metro Center, said.
Iraq is also facing accusations of violating the rights of journalists and media professionals. 
 According to the Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (ICSFS), a number of violations have been committed against Iraqi journalists in September, including launching recurrent attacks on journalists and preventing them from entering the government institutions. 
Late in September, the Iraqi Press Syndicate said more than 465 Iraqi media professionals had been killed since 2003, including 20 in 2016. 
Last year, Iraq came in the 158th place globally and 13th among Arab countries on the World Press Freedom Index.

Last Modified: Friday، 27 October 2017 04:43 PM