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US House Democrat: New sanctions will make Iran 'come begging to US'

US House Democrat: New sanctions will make Iran 'come begging to us'

A campaign to impose new "maximum sanctions" on Iran could force the regime to "come begging" to the United States for relief, Washington Examiner quoted a senior House Democrat as saying on Tuesday.

"If we do enough, they will come begging to us to have negotiations on all the pending issues, including the inadequacies of the nuclear deal," Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., said Monday during a Hudson Institute event.

"We need the maximum sanctions, the maximum enforcement of nuclear restrictions, and the maximum international support," he said.

That need for international support led him to argue that Trump's team should not scrap the nuclear deal, which saw former President Obama waive US sanctions on Iran in exchange for restrictions on the regime's nuclear program. Sherman said the US must be careful not to lose support from other governments that helped strike the deal.

"Doing that would cause Europe not to support our additional sanctions, and many in the world would even say Iran was then free to reopen its nuclear program without inspections or restrictions," Sherman warned.

Sherman maintained that it's an unnecessary risk, and said the "supply of evil" coming from Iran justifies intense sanctions without regard to the JCPOA.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 24 October 2017 07:22 PM