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Supplying oil, gas to Sulymaniyah, Erbil refineries continues

A oil refinery in Iraq

Oil Ministry confirmed on Monday that oil refineries in Sulymaniyah and Erbil governorates continue to process crude oil and gas to supply fuels.
It noted that it supplied over 143 million liters of oil derivatives to northern Iraq districts last month to meet the needs of displaced persons there.
In a statement, Deputy Oil Minister Fayadh Nema said that the ministry is dealing with Kurdistan Region’s oil refineries as their activities are ongoing normally.  
Erbil and Sulymaniya refineries process oil while the distribution company receives oil products, he noted. 
North Oil Company’s continue to supply crude oil and gas to refineries, he added. 
Nema also said that under the guidance of the Minister of Oil, North Oil Company had contracted with a refinery in Erbil to process 40,000 barrels and deliver oil products to Nineveh Governorate. 
The company has contracted with a refinery in Sulymaniyah to process 20,000 bpd to meet the needs of Nineveh and Salahuddin governorates as well as northern Diyala.   
Last week, it was reported that the Iraqi forces completed an operation to take control of all oil fields operated by state-owned North Oil Company in the Kirkuk Governorate.
Last Modified: Monday، 23 October 2017 11:39 AM