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Kurds protest against Mullah, IMIS outside Iraq embassy in Sweden

Kurds protest against Mullah, IMIS in front of Iraq embassy in Sweden

Hundreds of Kurds have protested in front of the Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm, against the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) invasion in Kirkuk governorate and other disputed areas.

The protesters condemned IMIS human rights violations and their pillaging and destruction of Kurdish properties.

They also expressed their concerns from IMIS dislodging of tens of thousands of Kurds from Kirkuk governorate.

The protesters called on the international community and the US for their leniency against the crimes committed by the Iraqi forces and IMIS against the Kurdish population in Kirkuk.

This comes as Kurdistan Government President Masoud Barzani called on Kurds abroad on Friday to organize peaceful protests to support Kurdistan and raise awareness about the crimes committed against the Kurds in Kirkuk.

Last Modified: Saturday، 21 October 2017 04:22 PM