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US Sen. Ted Cruz accuses Iran of nuclear deal cheating

Sen. Ted Cruz accuses Iran of nuclear deal cheating

The United States should put sanctions on Iran back into effect, Sen. Ted Cruz told CNBC on Saturday.

He accused Tehran of cheating on the 2015 agreement that it made with the U.S. and five other nations to curtail its nuclear weapons program.

The Texas Republican, who unsuccessfully ran against Trump for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, also accused Iran of cheating on the accord.

"When I was campaigning, I promised, that if I had been elected on Day 1 I would have ripped to shreds the Iran deal," Cruz said, claiming the agreement crafted under Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, is "designed to allow cheating."

Cruz said the agreement prevents the IAEA from monitoring military sites. "Well, guess where they're doing the nuclear work? On the military sites," he claimed, an assertion Iran has denied.

Despite the senator's claims that Iranian military sites are off-limits, the accord actually does make some allowances for those inspections. But it requires monitors to request access from Iran. Critics claim that effectively makes them inaccessible.


Last Modified: Saturday، 14 October 2017 05:11 PM