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Activists reject Iran-backed IMIS role in dividing Iraq

Fears of dividing Iraq into sectors after referendum, rising IMIS

Iraqi politicians and activists hold Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) responsible for carrying out an Iranian scheme to divide the Arab country. For them, the first episode of division comes with IMIS invasion of Kurdistan under the pretext of preserving the unity of Iraq in retaliation for Sept. 25th independence referendum. 

Sunnis eradication 

Activists stress that IMIS terrorists have carried out Iran's plot via eradicating Sunnis in Iraq. IMIS-affiliated Shiite politicians including former prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki have openly called for killing Sunnis. The militias' senior criminals such as Qais Khazali and Akram al Kabi as well as Hadi Al-Amiri and Ous Khafaji also echoes the same demands.   

Iraqi politicians added that Iraq suffered several crises after these criminals appeared.

The politicians added that the media war which IMIS terrorists launched against Kurdistan came upon Iranian orders to invade the Region and control it.  

If the Shiite militias and IMIS terrorists have not stopped their violations to destroy Sunni Arabs, Iraq will divide into smaller states, Haroon  Mohammad, an Iraqi writer, said.


Sectarian language 


And if the Shiite politicians continued their policy in fighting Sunni Arabs by killing millions of them, seizing their properties, and firing them from work, then separating from Shiite government in Baghdad will be legitimate and justified. 

There will be no Sunni Arab person opposing this separation after blood prevailed Baghdad, its Sunni neighborhoods, and the other Sunni governorates as Diyala, and Salahuddin. 

Also, after Iranian militias controlled Sunni governorates in Iraq, Sunnis may gather to fight these terrorists as Sunnis know that death is waiting for them.

Shia extremist references, which helped in creating the more than 70-branch IMIS militias, pose a threat to Iraq. 

So, all Iraqi people should support the revolution of reform advocated by Sadrist Movement leader Moqtada Al-Sadr to form new Iraq based on civil rights and real partnership between all Iraqi parties. 

They conclude that the Baghdad government has to end existence of Iranian militias that cause bloodshed and promote sectarianism in Iraq. 

Last Modified: Friday، 13 October 2017 03:18 PM