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1,616 arrest warrants issued for extradition of accused who fled Iraq

over 1,600 arrest warrants issued for accused who fled Iraq

Public Prosecution Department announced on Sunday it had issued over 1,600 arrest warrants for accused felons who fled Iraq, adding that most of them are convicted in terrorism and corruption cases.    

In press statements, deputy head of Public Prosecution Department said it sent 1,616 arrest warrants to Arab countries’ police and the Interpol, including 360 arrest warrants for those convicted in financial and administrative corruption cases. 

Two hundred and forty arrest warrants were sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Legal Department, including 94 warrants related to corruption cases from 2003 up till now, he noted. 

He further stated only four accused were handed over to Iraq.

This is due to the fact that some of the accused have more than one nationality, making the countries they applied for asylum in and the ones they have their nationalities accept their residence, he added.  

In attempt to root the thriving phenomenon, the Iraqi government has led a push to hunt corrupt officials. 

Late in August, it was reported that Iraq’s anti-corruption court issued 26 jail sentences to high-profile Iraqi politicians. 

The sentences ranged from six months to 15 years.

Last Modified: Sunday، 08 October 2017 02:02 PM