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Video: Iranian Mullah's forces attack workers 'asking wages' by gas

Video: Iranian Mullah's forces attack workers 'asking wages' by gas

The Iranian Mullah's forces attacked workers, who were protesting their unpaid salaries, with batons, tear gas, and beating, NCRI news reported. 


On Tuesday September 19, a number of workers of two factories, Azarab and Hepco, staged protest gathering at two different locations in the city of Arak.


Workers of Azarab Company closed the main Arak-Tehran road and demanded the authorities pay attention to their protest when the Special Forces attacked them. According to the report, workers of Hepco Company also blocked Arak’s railway line.

In cyberspace and some websites, photographs and videos from the clash of anti-riot police with these gatherings have been published.


Also in the cyberspace networks and social media, there are images of workers who have had their legs broken by the anti-riot police crackdown or have been injured on their heads and faces.

According to reports on Wednesday, the protest gathering of Azarab company workers in Arak was raided by security forces that used tear gas to disperse the workers.

Last Modified: Friday، 22 September 2017 11:41 AM